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Logo design : Logo is a graphic code or an emblem used to create public awareness. It is like an icon that you want people to remember. Logo is an identification symbol for your business. Each business has its unique logo that forms its brand value and also reflects on the theme of your business. Logo is used to convey depth of information in an efficient manner and it is a fantastic way to convey a concept.

Importance of Logo for a Business:
Logo in simple terms is known as 'symbol' which is directly related in adding brand value and thus the profits for the company. It creates an identity of the company, just like an identification or birth mark every human being has. It symbolizes the business and company in the minds and hearts of people which is remembered by every one easily which also helps in growth of the company and speaks volume of the business. The vector logo design should have an impact on the viewer and develop a curiosity in their minds to know more about the business being represented which is a good sign towards the wellness of the company. Customer always start a relationship with a company on the basis of trust and Vector logo design helps in creating a feeling of Trust in the hearts of valuable customer. This directly creates goodwill and credibility of business which in turn helps in getting good profits. Thus the growth is assured for a business which uses Vector logo Design. Hence, Logo is called a Catalyst and a Change agent.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Vector logo design for your business:

  • To increase Credibility and Goodwill: 1. The first and foremost thing that the viewers look when they open the website is tagline and logo that adds credibility to your business. This adds goodwill to the business which in turn leads to growth and longevity of the business.

  • To increase Visibility:The swiftest possible route to business identity is through a catalyst called - Logo.

  • To add Brand Recognition:Logo is a great promotional tool which remains in the minds of people. Logo represents the business. Thus, adding brand value to it.

  • Professional Attitude:A unique logo shows the seriousness towards the business as well as the professional attitude.

What is a Perfect Logo?
Every business in the market is very unique and different from all. They have their own niche and culture and environment. It necessitates that you obtain a unique logo design for your business which correctly portrays the importance of your business to the outside world. It should be a balanced combination of color, shape, typography and your business' attributes. A perfect logo aims to effectively capture the values and services of the business in a visual context.

Moreover, A good vector logo design should ensure that it is unperceivable imprinted in the consumer's memory. A logo design should be very simple rather than complicated. It should rather be a simple text, an illustration, a picture, or even art or symbols, means a complete package and should represent the business.

A right kind of logo always helps in representing the company better and it is remembered as the face and identification mark of the company. Hence, our goal is to help each and every business to create a logo which can live within the hearts and minds of customers and clients, and to create a custom vector logo design so that a firm can develop its own identity swiftly, competently and affordably.

Why to choose Tisengine? When you decide to choose Tisengine, we will assign you a committed Logo Expert who will be there to serve you on every stage of custom logo design process. At Tisengine, we imply a unique concept behind every business logo design. Our professional logo designers ensure that every client gets an attractive professional design that makes them a presentable brand on different media markets. We consider a logo to be preview of the excellence, quality of service and suitability of the organization. The final logo would always be better than what our clients expect. Our mission is to meet and exceed all the expectations of price, time and quality for our clients.

Vector design : The use of geometrical primitives which are mainly based on mathematical methods to represent images in Computer graphics is known as Vector graphics. At Tisengine, we can convert any logo or jpg to vector format; all you need to do is send us the scanned copy of the image to be cleaned up into vector art format. With over 4 years of experience, artwork can be redrawn quickly, using techniques and tricks learned in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Vector conversion is done through clicks (mouse). The final files are sent back to you as .EPS, .AI formats. The EPS file is what you can send to your vendor for reproduction.

Why Tisengine?
Trust is the main factor while you choose an overseas company. At Tisengine, we deliver high quality vector conversion which would be always above your expectations. Our company is specialized in creating art for distributors and suppliers in the Promotional Product industry. We design, vectorize, retouch and accomplish your art work before it is sent for printing process.

  • Our Goodwill: Our Goodwill We believe in the saying; 'Customer is king' and thus, we are very sensitive in meeting their needs as they are our heart of the business. Our professional designers will always serve you ahead of time. We have the goodwill of our clients. We always look forward to longer and longer association with all our clients.

  • Complex Art works: However, complex art works are, we are sure to meet our customer's expectations. ¬†Our growth and success in designing is based on the dedication and conceptual ideas we have in providing for the vectorization needs of our clients.

  • Quick Turnaround: Fastest service is the reason to choose Tisengine. We always deliver the services as per the commitment.

  • Complete Assistance till we achieve Customer Satisfaction: Incase if the final images from bitmap and jpg to vector doesn't meet our clients expectation, we make revisions till the customer is satisfied.

Use of Vector Art Work:
Vector art is the art that can be printed on physical products like shirts, t- shirts, jackets, jeans, apparels, pen, mugs, caps, calendars, gift items, hoardings, billboards, and many more promotional products. The computer image is converted from bitmap or jpg to vector art in order to get a clear and high quality art that can be printed on promotional product. If you are planning to use your logo for many purposes then vectorization is very important and a cheap but resourceful investment.

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